Mannabase Terms of Service

Version 1.0 (Updated February 24, 2018)

Eligibility Restrictions

Each human being is allowed only one individual account on the Mannabase platform. Manna Universal Basic Income (hereinafter “UBI”) is distributed as charitable gifts of Manna cryptocurrency to verified participants at the sole discretion of Mannabase, Inc. and the People’s Currency Foundation. Each human being may receive only one equal share of distributions of UBI, plus referral bonuses, according to rules and amounts that may be changed at any time. Incorporated entities or organizations are eligible to have an account but not to receive UBI, except on behalf of identifiable human beings to whom the Manna cryptocurrency shall be given, but may earn referral bonuses for referring individuals to become verified participants in the program.

Mannabase, Inc. reserves the right to close or disable accounts, deny applications for UBI, or disable a user’s participation in the UBI program, for any reason at any time, including but not limited to: failure by an applicant or participant to provide verification or confirmation of existence as a unique human being to the satisfaction of Mannabase, Inc. or the People’s Currency Foundation; suspicion of unethical or illegal activity by an applicant or participant which could undermine the integrity or reputation of the Manna UBI program, Mannabase, Inc., or the People’s Currency Foundation; failure by a participant to provide up-to-date contact information and to reply when requested to important communications from Mannabase, Inc. or the People’s Currency Foundation; or unsubscribing from emails from Mannabase, Inc.

No Claims of Value

Neither Mannabase, Inc. nor the People’s Currency Foundation nor their founders, directors, officers, staff, or other personnel, make any claims about the value of Manna cryptocurrency or any potential financial gains therefrom, other than its actual price as reported by third-party exchanges or services that track and report the prices of publicly exchangeable cryptocurrencies. As with other assets, the value of Manna is decided by the free market, and owners individually shoulder all financial risk associated with their ownership of Manna and accept the possibility that its value could decline or even become worthless, at any time, for any reason.

No Secondary Benefits of Ownership

Ownership of Manna cryptocurrency does not entitle the owner to any shares of stock in Mannabase, Inc., financial dividend, membership in the People’s Currency Foundation, voting rights in either organization, or any other benefits, institutional, financial or otherwise, from Mannabase, Inc. or any affiliated organization.

Limitation of Liability; Use at Your Own Risk

Users accept the risks and take responsibility for their own use of the Mannabase platform and associated apps or services. Neither Mannabase, Inc. nor the People’s Currency Foundation nor their founders, directors, officers, staff, or other personnel, are liable for any financial loss or other loss that a user might experience, either direct or indirect, as a result of user error or misunderstanding; delay in processing transactions; temporary unavailability of the website, wallet functionality, wallet balances, or associated apps or services; or inaccuracy of data provided through or associated apps or services as a result of inaccurate reporting by third-party services.

Mannabase web-based cryptocurrency wallets are not intended for storing large amounts of financial value, and users are expected to exercise caution when using this service. Mannabase, Inc. offers no warranties or guarantees that this service will always be available. If this service is shut down for more than 30 days consecutively, Mannabase, Inc. will attempt to contact users and offer them an alternative method for withdrawing Manna cryptocurrency they may hold within the Mannabase platform.

Revisions and Publication

These terms and conditions may be revised at any time, and will be published on the website.