Manna is a cryptocurrency based on similar technology as Bitcoin.

Send Manna quickly and easily to other users around the world. Most transactions are confirmed in 1 to 2 minutes. Fees are extremely low, only a fraction of a U.S. cent. View transactions and wallet balances in the Manna blockchain or your Mannabase account.

manna technology diagram

Desktop Wallets

Use the Mannabase platform to send and receive Manna currency on the web, or if you prefer, you can download and run the Manna wallet software on your own computer. Click the button below for Windows, Mac, or Linux wallets.


Manna Windows QT version 0.8.2-beta



Manna Mac QT version 0.8.2-beta



Manna Linux QT version 0.8.2-beta


Important: Back up your desktop wallet

Transfer coins from Grantcoin to Manna wallets

Coin Code

The Manna currency is developed using open-source code which is available on GitHub.

Mining Pool

Manna is powered by SHA-256 cryptographic mining. Miners earn rewards for contributing computing power to process transactions.

The mining reward is currently 10 Manna per block, and will halve to 5 Manna per block at block 1,100,000, which is expected to be reached in May 2018.