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  • May2015
    Date Founded
  • July2016
    First UBI Distribution
  • Dec2016
    Automated Signup
  • Jun2017
    Automated Distribution
  • Dec2017
    Completion of Grantcoin Proof of Concept
  • Jan2018
    Grantcoin Rebranded to Manna
  • Jan2018
    Begin Local Community Development
  • Feb2018
    Launch of Mannabase
  • Mar2018
    UBI Distribution Resumes
  • Spring2018
    Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Spring2018
    Release Upgraded Manna Wallet
  • Summer2018
    Advanced Features and Upgrades in Mannabase
  • Summer2018
    Begin Development of Advanced Blockchain Features
  • Fall2018
    Founder's Book Published and Begin Speaking Tour
  • Fall2018
    Assess Impact in Local Communities
  • Fall2018
    Launch Children's Savings Program

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